SocialWhois is the next step, and here is why

Who's that stranger?

So you've recieved a notification from FriendFeed or Twitter, telling you that mister Z just followed you. The first question that comes to our minds is inevitably: Who's that guy? What is he interested in?

Do a WHOIS Search. It's easy and smart!

SocialWhois solves that problem. Just type a nickname and select a service and it will try to give you some information about him. Easy, and it will help you decide whether to follow him back… or not!

I'm looking for people interested in {something}

You want to get in touch with people who share your interests? Easy, just search using a tag, and voilà! you have a list of people you can follow on social networks and have better online interactions.

People are what they're interested in!

I need some help in {something}

Need some help in a particular subject, want to share your opinions? SocialWhois helps you find people interested in that subject so you can easily ask questions, exchange comments and participate in threads in their public inbox.

Talk about things that matter... to You!

Cool, huh?

Sounds very interesting! Please let me join!