How to setup a Public Inbox using DISQUS

Adding a public inbox to your SocialWhois profile is as simple as adding DISQUS comments to any blog. The curent step-by-step guide generously provided by Anton will show you how to do it.

1. First you need to login to DISQUS or register there, if you aren't there already.
login to DISQUS or register
2. Click “Add a Website” link.
add a website
3. In “Website URL” field enter http://socialwhois/YOUR-USERNAME (your username on SocialWhois)
Then choose a short name and remember it, we'll need it later.
choose an ID
4. We can skip this step
a snippet that we won't use anyway
5. OK, we're done with DISQUS
thanks DISQUS
6. In your SocialWhois profile, fill “Comments Code” field with Short Name that you choose while adding website to DISQUS
add the comment code in SocialWhois
7. Then save your profile, of course…
Save your profile
8. And now you get Public Inbox link
Your public inbox!
9. Now people can sorta “comment” on/with/about you :)
You're done!