The FAQs

Should I worry about my passwords?
No, you really shouldn't! SocialWhois doesn't need your passwords. It won't send tweets on your behalf. In fact, it doesn't even save your passwords. So have fun, and don't worry :)
Your search engine shows inaccurate information about me, or I simply don't want it to show information about me. Can I hide my profile?
Well, short answer: Yes, you can hide your profile. And it won't show in WHOIS searches. All you have to do is to login and check the "Hide your profile in WHOIS searches?" checkbox. And you're done.
Long answer: You can, instead of hiding your profile, just put anything you want it to show. The main goal of this website is to let people get in touch with people who share their interests.
What is a public inbox?
A public inbox is actually a set of DISQUS comments threads on which people can leave well… comments, questions, answers, testimonials…
In order to set up a public inbox, you should get yourself an account at DISQUS (it's free!) and put your DISQUS community code in your profile. In other words, consider that is your blog and then go register a DISQUS account for it. You can learn more in this setp-by-step guide
What does "faving" people mean?
Faving/Unfaving people is simply a way to bookmark some profiles in which you are interested, in order to have a direct access to their life streams and public inboxes
What is a "Guessed" profile?
When you do a WHOIS search for a given nickname on Twitter or FriendFeed, the internal engine tries to fetch as much useful information about that nickname, using Google Social Graph, and then mashes all this data and builds a guessed profile. It's called a "guessed" one because, the nickname's owner hasn't yet setup a profile on SocialWhois, thus all information you see is NOT confirmed and shouldn't be considered as 100% true
Wait, wait, that Voodoo thing is magic/stupid/charming/ugly
Well, yeah… it's just a program that tries to guess. Sometimes, it's really brilliant. And sometimes, it's lame. Again, it's definitely not an exact and precise thing. That's only voodoo, duh! :)
So who made this?
This guy did! with the very nice and kind help and feedback of some FriendFeeders like: Chacha102, Robert, Chris, Eric, Jason, Mike, Carter, Susan, Erica, DeWitt and others! Thank you folks :)
Man! I love what you did!
Oh thanks! Please consider donating to help kids eat and go to schools. Any amount is really welcome. Go to Google and find a charity to which you can donate. Please do it! If you insist on helping me, and still have $5 or $10 after your donation to the kids, you can show your support to me :)
Man! I hate you!
Generally, I'm really a nice guy. Really! But in case you can't stand me, you can go and buy a voodoo doll and do the voodoo to me :)